Thursday, 16 October 2014

Everyone has been so kind and helpful

Being told you mother has died is not an everyday experience and even if you have been warned by the doctor that "the end is nigh" (he didn't use that expression) it still comes as a shock.  However to know that my mum was well looked after by the staff at Cherry Lodge Care Home in Caterham, Surrey and that her Doctor, Dr Chirag Patel from the Town Hill Practice, Caterham had been attending her and briefing us was reassuring. Mum always had a high regard for the British National Health Service and it served her well right to the end.

Registering mum's death at Reigate Registry Office was made easier by the kindness of the registrar Mrs J Rogers.  She introduced me to the government's "Tell Us Once" service where you contact one gov department and answer their questions and then they tell all the central and local gov depts on your behalf!  Wonderful!
Irene Elsie Mary Moe formerly Carter

As you would expect the funeral directors Francis Chappell & A G Rice, at East Grinstead have been very professional carefully explaining all the necessary procedures.

Mum will be buried next to her second husband Lucas Moe at a short graveside service with immediate family and a few close friends present. Then almost a month later, when we can get the whole family together we will hold a Remembrance Service to celebrate her life. 

My brother Chris and I count our blessings having had such a wonderful lady as our mother.
Irene and Lucas standing under the blue sign on the wall of their home in Farmington, Utah.  Mum always answered the phone by saying "Buckingham Palace" in an english accent, so their friends presented them with a sign that read "The Moes, Buckingham Palace"!

Irene served as a Temple Ordinace Worker in both the London and Washington LDS Temples.

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