Saturday, 6 June 2015

Back at Bewl Fishing!

Whenever I have felt a bit off colour in the past my barometer to test how well I am has been to ask myself "am I well enough to go fishing"! If the answer is yes then I was well enough to go to work, cut the grass, do the washing up etc. So when I was feeling rough after chemo my goal was to try and get well enough to consider going fishing. Most of the time I was feeling grim, the windy and wet weather meant that fishing was ruled out. However the weather improved dramatically two days before my next chemo session and Rosalind volunteered to drive me to Bewl and come out in the wheelie boat with me. The wheelie boat is more stable than the regular boats, has proper seats and it has an electric starter motor (I could not manage a pull cord start).
 Rosalind made it possible
We were out on the water around 11.00am and it felt wonderful to be there. There was a bit of breeze so we headed up to the top of Hook Straight and into the calm waters, with me drinking in the landscape. I anchored up as I didn't want to be hauling the drogue in and out. Rosalind had her head deep into a book so I set about fishing a couple of buzzers under a floating line. I had a couple of fish on but both managed to throw the hook.
Things went a bit quiet so I tried Chingley Wood, then Canoe Club corner. I left a message on Rob Barden's mobile asking advice and very kindly he called me back. He confirmed I was in the right place and suggested a small booby on the point and a Diawl Bach on a dropper. He said the fish had been holding close to the dam wall so to drift right in close. He also mentioned that there had been fish between the towers and the dam. I tried all his suggested spots, as did a couple of other boats but to no avail. On the way back to the jetty I could see that the bubbles were on but by then I was feeling pretty sore so I decided to quit. Fishing the bubbles, whilst productive, is a bit of an art anyway!
Rob was waiting at the jetty and helped me lug my kit to the car. We had a lovely chat, he is a real gent as well as being a brilliant fisher. So I got home tired and sore but what a wonderful day I had enjoyed. Rosalind also enjoyed the experience (and her book)!

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