Monday, 10 August 2015

I'm dying to have a good time, and I did at Center Parcs!

When things are a bit bleak on the health front it is good to have something to look forward to. I had already planned to take all the UK based family members away to Center Parcs in August.  When we had to cancel our holiday in Seattle, because of my cancer challenge, our U.S.A-based family (Dan, Holly, Erin, Harrison, Rose and Kate) decided to come to see us and join the Family Reunion Holiday at Center Parcs in Woburn Forrest, UK.
There were 37 of us in 5 large well-appointed and equipped lodges. The weather was good and the range of activities amazing. We have, over the years, stayed at most of the Center Parcs in the UK, but with the newest at Woburn, Center Parcs have really upped their game.
Booking was easy, arriving and getting settled no problem and all the staff were most helpful. I really appreciated the comfortable beds and the ladies liked the well-equipped kitchens and the general cleanliness.
 In terms of activities there was so much to do. Let the pictures tell the story.
 Yours truly outside the glazed side to the indoor pools.
 The 4 person floats give you a terrific ride!
 The main pool with a spectacular wave machine that can knock you over.
 Rosalind and yours truly enjoying the lazy river.
 Beach and boats.
 The amazing treetop action challenge, well run and good value.
 Massive zip line across the lake!
 Twenty mums and dads at dinner.
 Little people ten pin bowling.
 Disco crazy mums!
Alan and Rosalind with all 23 grandchildren!
Yes it did cost quite a lot of money, but the relationships and memories are priceless!


  1. Lovely to see you all having a great time.

  2. So thrilled that you had every body together Alan. Have not done Centre Parks but think they ought to give you a big discount for the wonderful write up and photo's. xxxxx

  3. Thanks for the comment Veronica. To cap it off one of my daughter-in-laws has arranged for each family to get a photo book with everyone's pictures in it.