Saturday, 7 November 2015

It is a real challenge! Sadly not a reel one!

Since coming out of the hospice things have been a bit challenging with  pain and bilious attacks  so much so they have fitted me with the syringe driver again.  This means I get two visits a day from the  district nurses, one to load the syringe and the other to check it is working OK before I go to sleep. Rosalind is a star, as I needed some Oxcynorm in tablet form, she phoned round several pharmacy still she found one at New Addington with a stock. Hurray, it's good to know you have it.

Whilst Ros was out the door bell rang and I managed to get downstairs. It was Seth from church and he had arranged to visit Saturday pm.  We were able to catch up with each other's news till Ros joined us.  Seth brought good news, he had changed his job

Because it is getting quite painful for me to type on the tablet keyboard with my right hand and my left hand shakes a bit I have been experimenting with the voice recognition function. This has led to some hysterical text.  I will try to include some next time.

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