Sunday, 11 August 2013

Laughter, the best medicine and then "Truth Will Prevail"

This weekend my wife and I visited somewhere famous or infamous, namely Blackpool a seaside holiday (vacation) resort famous for its tower and the "golden mile" of seaside amusement attractions.  We were in the area for another reason, to be revealed later, but we thought we would treat ourselves to a stay in a nice hotel and check out why over the years Blackpool has been a favourite holiday destination for so many.
 The Tower was being repainted so we skipped that
 The Hilton was quite nice.
 Classic British seaside pier with the tide out. There are three piers at Blackpool.
 Busy seafront with roller coasters
 Pirate joints and amusement arcades line the sea front!
 Donkey rides on the beach for the kids.
 Then we found the brilliant huge paved area (located on the sea front just in front of the Tower) celebrating all the comedians who had ever performed at Blackpool by displaying beautifully their jokes.
You could spend hours reading and laughing and you could not help laughing out loud. So here is a sample of the thousands there.  Reading them might help my many readers from around the world have a better understanding of British humour, or it might not!

 I like the top one best of the next picture.

So whilst we had a good time in Blackpool we didn't fall in love with it, but we did love the very clever joke pavement and certainly other towns and city's could learn from that.

We stayed in Blackpool so we were able to attend a pageant put on by our church entitled "Truth Will Prevail" at Corby, near Preston.  It featured a huge volunteer cast and was absolutely outstanding.  My pictures and description could not do it justice but I think the following You Tube clip does.

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