Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Drowning fly fisherman rescued by pretty doctors!

If you have read the previous post you will know I was in Croydon University Hospital with 3 to 4 litres of fluid in the lining around my right lung. 

My friendly doctor showed up and said I could have lunch as they were going to do my plumbing job after lunch. So I adopted the patient patient approach and lay quietly observing other people's visitors. Around 3 pm two angels arrived in the form of two young, pretty lady doctors. I was in heaven until they mentioned that they were going to stick a tube into my back to get at the fluid surrounding my lung!

Dr C said she had done the procedure about 50 times and that she was going to supervise her colleague Dr A who was doing it for the first time! Bless them for being honest! What really surprised me was that they were going to do it in the ward with me sitting on the bed leaning forward onto my lunch table! I had expected the theatre with a full surgical team in attendance. I need not have worried, they were kind, gentle and very professional and friendly. The whole process hardly hurt thanks to the local anaesthetic and when the valve was open whoosh a yellow liquid came gushing out and in just over a minute a litre was sitting in the can and they had to shut the valve. If too much comes out too quickly it is bad because it is very painful. In the afternoon all the big guns were doing the rounds and they reviewed me and I was connected to an empty can and the valve opened. Nothing much happened so they moved away to discuss another patient. Suddenly I felt sharp pains in my chest and looking down I saw the can was nearly full. I called help and they took note and shut the valve. I was told to drink water which I did, but it was still very painful for several hours. Having filled the second can a third was attached and filled slowly. 

I could not believe how much extra weight I had been carrying around, no wonder I leaned to the right!

The team of Doctors and Consultants are very impressive and although very busy they took time to explain things and to answer questions.

 For some reason only known to the High Priests of computing no matter what I did with this picture I could not get it to rotate!  So this is just over a litre and 2 more bottles followed this!


  1. Wow Allan, I'm glad you're alright. When do you think they will discharge you? You're in our prayers.

  2. You are one of my life hero's. Thinking of you my dear friend - truly we all are. Much love, Charles, Wil, Sacha, Alayna, Freya and Little Aurelia xx