Saturday, 16 May 2015

Royal Marsden Magic!

Being told you are being referred to the Royal Marsden Hospital is a mixed message, it has a reputation as one of the best cancer hospitals in the world but then do you really want to be at even the best?
The lovely people were expecting me (which always helps).  My folder of notes was ready and I was taken for all the usual basic health checks. When it was confirmed that I was still alive a lovely key worker nurse called Karon came to see us to explain that her role was to support us and answer questions etc. Then we met Doctor Raj Kumar who helpfully explained:-
A) why I was there
B) what they were going to do
When I asked him for an indication of how roughly long I could expect to live he said "oh you want to talk numbers do you?" I said yes please? He said "if the chemo goes well on average we would expect around 2 years." He then asked if I would be happy to assist with some research that involved MRI scans. I said I had suddenly developed an overpowering desire to help with medical research!
Doctor Kumar's boss, Mary O' Brien, came to visit and was very kind and helpful, she modified Dr Kumar's prescribed chemo as she noted I had been losing weight and it was agreed that I would go on two chemo treatments Pemetrexed and Carboplatin. I was to be given the chemo at 3 weekly intervals over a 9 week period (I think).
Then I met the amazing head radiologist (she was so enthusiastic and happy I missed getting her name) who was excited that I had volunteered to do the MRI experiment! She explained that I would have 3 scans, one before chemo, one halfway through and one on conclusion of the chemo. This would enable them to see if the chemo was effective or not. 
I was asked to keep track of my use of morphine and given pills to take before kicking off with chemo. I came away feeling I was in good hands with very kind and professional friends.
My next post will be all about the amazing experience of having an MRI scan!!!!

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