Monday, 18 November 2013

Boat fishing Bewl, last days this year: The where and the how!

Yes the boats come off the water at the end of November but there are still a few days remaining to hook up from a boat.  I went down today and caught 3 beauties, the largest of which I thought was going to disappear over the horizon! It weighed in at 3lb 8 oz and was perfect in every respect.  The where is: around the cages.  The how is: Cats whisker or simillar lure.  It was overcast and calm and the fish were near the top but only showed when they were on the chase.
 Just look at that perfect tail!
The head looks pretty too.
I understand that bank fishing will be available right through to February.  You can always check their website (see link at side of page).  Why not join the Bewl Bridge Fly Fishing Club, brilliant value for money and you get the famous magazine with all the marvelous tips.  See the link for that as well.
A big thank you to everyone who follows the blog and sends me e mails and comments.


  1. Nice Catch! I will have that one too if I already started fishing. I'm learning how to catch fish here.

    1. You are in the right place provided you can get your fly threw the ice! Regards Alan