Sunday, 4 May 2014

Fly Fisherman has other interests too!

When the weather is too bad (and I mean really bad) for fishing I have been trying to develop my artistic side. Whilst my wife and I have been doing voluntary work at the London Temple near East Grinstead this was the view out of our bedroom window of the old Manor House in the Temple grounds. I could not resist the opportunity to get my water colours out and have a go at painting it. 

Copies of the picture have proved so popular (especially with Temple workers who have resided in the Manor House) that I now ask people for a voluntary contribution of £5 towards the Church's Perpetual Education Fund.  This fund helps people in undeveloped countries get educated. It is perpetual in that when they qualify and are earning, they pay back the money they received so it can help someone else. So far contributions have exceeded £150. If you would like a copy send me an e mail ( and put Manor House painting in the title. The picture is printed on card and is A4 in size.

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