Saturday, 17 October 2015

What a difference a day makes!

I am overwhelmed by all the wonderful responses I get from everyone, they do lift me up, so thank you. Some responses are from folk I have not heard from in ages, those are particularly precious.

The last post from me was pretty negative, so let me bring you the latest news.
I went on to new pain killers which really helped, got moved to a room nearer the nurse's office. I am not sure why, was it:-
1.  So they didn't have to walk so far!
2.  So they could catch me hallucinating at night!
3.  So I could answer the phone when they were busy!
4.  Because they get lonely!
I'll let you guess!
Then I had a string of the great and the good: Doctors, social workers and very helpful nurses  all wanting to help me.  The pain Eased a bit.  Rosalind agreed to stay the night sleeping on the reclining chair.   I was not surprised when she told me she had had an excellent night sleep. We are blessed that Ros can sleep almost anywhere at any time. I had a good night's sleep as well but best of all I kept my food down and had my waste disposal system function magnificently!

Today I had a  visit from a psychiatrist who I greeted with a hello I've always wanted to meet a head shrinker.  He was very good and we had a nice relaxing talk.  He decided having spoken to me that he did not need to prescribe any antidepression tablets.  Then I had a visit from a social worker who was very friendly and chatty finally I had a visit from Tom one of the doctors on my team and he said Alan I'm amazed to hear that you called Professor XXX a "head shrinker!"


  1. I love reading your blog Alan, sending much love from Peter and I. Thinking of you all. xxx

  2. Alan, you are amazing at raising the spirits of your friends with your blog posts. So glad I have gotten to know you and your wonderful family. I treasure the time I spent in England. Love to all of the Carters.