Thursday, 22 October 2015

Who has been helping me at St Christopher's!

When thanking people by name there is always the risk that you leave someone out, so let me apologise to those folk for starters. I have not been wearing my glasses, so I have only been able to read names when staff have got quite close (now you ladies know it was not your bosom I was looking at, just your name badge). So here, in no particular order are the stars of St Christophers as seen by me.  However, I must not forget the chefs and their teams in the kitchen, real heroes at producing such excellent cuisine. Then there are wonderful army of volunteers, bless them and last but not lease the professionals social workers, medics and "head shrinkers"! Bless them all.

Anke - the boss, very popular with staff and patients.
Dr Victor - very good and kind
Louis - super woman (such a fast mover)
Sue - the angel of the night (with the hot drinks)
Vee - doesn't like being called Vilma
Maggie - come to help from the Ward upstairs
Marjorie - gentle and kind
Rita - who very kindly asks what I would like for breakfast
Sheryle - great happy singer
Grace - dynamic.  dinner lady
Elaine -- l am the boss, so behave yourself
Christine - a kind and gentle lady 
Dianne - quick like a road runner bird
Debbie - very helpful and kind
Geraldine - happy soul who forgets to wear her name badge!
Esther - nothing is too much trouble!
Kenny - an orderly, orderly very friendly
Geraldine- cleaning expert with a smile
Michelle - a kind person
Colleen - one of 9 siblings, a happy soul!
Angela - the water lady, very dedicated
Katy - very pretty, lovely accent
Sarah - very organised gave me a bath
Susan, helper who takes lunch orders
Jill - where is Jack?
Melrose - proud to be named after a place in Scotland
Joanna - learning the ropes
Dr Debbie - a full on doctor, who rescued me from home 
Kathy - kind and caring
Dr Matt Carey - a man with a mission

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