Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Avoid a spoilt fly fishing trip by using my amazing Tackle and Kit List

I expect you have all been there: but sadly your polaroid sunglasses haven’t!  Or you forgot your box of lures, also called streamers (now my blog is international I have to make sure everyone knows what I mean). Or the only time you have ever left your license at home the authorities decided to pay you a visit.  I got so tired of spoiling trips because, in the excitement of quickly loading the car and sneaking away, I then found on the river bank I had left something crucial behind! It is a real pain (and possibly very cold) when it is your waders and they are 100 miles away.

I remembered my friend Michael Evans (yes, the famous tackle designer, casting instructor and wizard salmon fisher, see picture) had a TIP in his catalogue about tackle lists.  So I made my own list and over the years I have added to it.
I hope you find the 3 lists below help you to have better and less frustrating trips.  If you feel I have missed something out please let me know you might save me from jumping in the river?
Have I got it with me? Fly Fishing Check List
General Items (for all types of fly fishing)
Fishing License
Eye protection (Polaroid?)
Rods (main and spare)
Reels (main & spare)
Other lines/spools
Sink tips
Leader spools
Dry flies
Wets & Nymphs
Lures/Salt water flies
Tool necklace
Fly line treatment
Fly floatant
Leader sinkant
Strike indicators
Various glues
Landing net
Map & directions
Fishing diary
Bass bag
Stripping basket
Wading stick
First aid kit
Permission to fish
Sat Nav.
Contact phone numbers
Life jacket (PFD)
Warm layers
Waterproof jacket
Fishing trousers
Chest waders
Thigh waders
Wading boots
Wellington boots
Fingerless mitts
Spare clothes
Thick socks
Mosquito head net
Wader repair kit
Suggested Sundries
Plastic bags
Picnic Lunch
Boat seat
Boat Drogue & G clamps
Mobile phone
Filleting knife & glove
Sun protection
Insect repellent
Cold box (for fish)
Pen and paper
I use to just tick the boxes or put crosses in them if I didn’t need something. Now I use a few code letters. For example for items I am going to wear I put a W in the box. If I am going to keep something in the car (like the first aid kit) I put a C in the box etc etc.


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