Friday, 15 March 2013


Oh dear, I am in trouble!  My wife, Rosalind, thinks I am spending too much time blogging about fishing etc!  I told her it is my new hobby and she responded by saying OK but would I help her with her hobby? 
How could I refuse such a lovely lady after 46 years of married bliss?  So let me tell you about my wife’s rather unusual hobby called “Home Staging”!  I first heard of it when my son Dan and his American wife Holly wanted to sell their house at Leigh-on-Sea, quickly and for a good price, so they could move to the USA.  We went round to help get the house ready for sale only to be introduced to Denise the “Home Stager”.  We were told that Denise was providing advice on what needed doing to give the house “buyer appeal”!  At first I was a bit sceptical (as usual) but Denise had lots of energy and brilliant ideas and worked hard advising and improving their home.  The net result was that they sold it immediately for what they felt was the right price.  Now unbeknown to me Rosalind was watching Denise and the whole home staging thing very carefully.  A few weeks later following some research Rosalind announced that she wanted to be trained as a Home Stager by Ann Maurice of House Doctor fame.  I surrendered (as you do) and Rosalind did the necessary training and assessment projects in order to qualify as a consultant.  Since then Rosalind has had great pleasure in helping people “stage” or “makeover” their homes on both sides of the Atlantic.  She seems to specialise in helping people, who desperately need to sell their house, to improve it so they get a quick sale.  She has also given advice on how to “makeover” rooms to improve them.  It gives her great satisfaction to improve a property at very little expense and then to see it sold for a higher price than originally estimated.  From my point of view (obviously biased) it has confirmed my opinion that my wife has more design ability in her little finger than I have in my whole body!  If you fancy having a look at her website here is the link:-
The only downside for me is that sometimes the people Rosalind is helping want her to undertake the transformations and I find myself putting up pictures, curtains and shelves!
Here are a couple of examples of her work that are among my favourites.
Tatty old loft space becomes a desirable guest room
Tired old kitchen is extended and modernised.

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