Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Does this BT (British Telecom) director really exist?

Further to my post a couple of days ago concerning my challenges with BT, which seems to have hit a nerve with a lot of people (as it had the fastest hit rate ever) I decided to write to a chap called Warren Buckley who is BT's Managing Director of Customer Services.  I got a snail mail address for BT's Registered Office and hopefully they will forward my letter to the appropriate address.  I thought it would be nice to post a picture of the man in question so I Googled him.
In fairness I ought to say that there are pictures available of him smiling.  What was surprising was that Google also brought up lots of unhappy comments about BT in general and accessing the man in particular.  The most interesting comment was:-
"I'd like to know if Warren Buckley actually exists. He signs all my letters from BT as Head of Customer Services but no one at BT ever seems to have any contact details for him."
If Warren does exist I would like to give him some good news, yes BT did change the new phone number they had given me back to my old number as they had promised!  Well done!
BT are a huge organisation and are in the forefront of developing amazing technology, which we all soon take for granted.  I would like to see them succeed more, so maybe it's time for Mr Buckley (who is probably a very nice guy and a good manager) to grow a beard, don some overalls and find out what goes on in the "front line" of the business as an "undercover boss".  Also, I am sure that part of the problem resolves around the fact that BT(retail) promise things that BT(wholesale) have to deliver!

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  1. Well yes he does exist and he got his assistant to call me and apologise for the difficulties I had. He also offered me a £30 payment as compensation for the grief. I was so surprised I accepted it. On reflection I think I should have held out for a lot more! Still at least they responded.