Thursday, 26 June 2014

American Trainee Fly Fisherman Uses Carp Fishing Technique!

We all know how carp fishermen set up their rods complete with bite buzzers and then retire to their tents and camp beds and sleep!  Here is Bryant applying the technique to reservoir fly fishing! Not having a bite buzzer, Bryant is relying on the movement of the rod and reel across his stomarch to advise him that he has a fish on, or maybe the splash as the rod and reel hit the water will wake him? Either way he is in for a bit of a surprise but then that is what fishing is all about, lots of relaxing and a few surprises!  Nice one Bryant!


  1. Guess it could be said that he is enjoying the best of both fishing worlds, carp and fly fishing. He's my kind of man, but then again, I'm an American too.

    1. Don't apologise Niel, some of my best friends are from the other side of the pond!