Sunday, 29 June 2014

Fly Fisherman Leads Oxfordshire Canal Invasion!

When your extended family numbers around 30 you have to be a bit imaginative when planning family get-togethers.  With that in mind, and remembering a pleasant holiday afloat many years ago, I decided to expose the family to a day navigating a canal. So there we were on the Oxfordshire Canal, at Lower Heyford, populating three ten person narrow boats. They were so called "day boats" as opposed to the larger boats that have bedrooms, showers, etc.
I appointed a Captain and First Mate for each boat and we were briefed by a friendly chap and then we loaded up our passengers and lunch and we were off.
Fortunately the boats were easy to operate, but you did have to watch where you were going and you had to slow down past moored narrow boats so you did not roll the occupants out of bed with the wash!
Let's let the pictures tell the story.
 When we started it rained!
 The locks were interesting to operate.
 I was even allowed a go at the helm!
 Parking up was fun!
 All three crews and passengers in the sun.
 This swing bridge is raised by sitting on the two levers!
 Captain Jason and First Mate Debbie head into the jungle!
Most canal boats are very pretty.
So a big thank you to Oxfordshire Narrowboats for a very pleasant family day and to the children for being well behaved and the Mum and Dads for their support.

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