Friday, 11 July 2014

Bewl Water: Good news, the bubbles are on!

Here is the latest report from Janet at Bewl:-

The fish have remained about 25ft - 30ft down in the water and are still fairly difficult to catch. The water temperature has dropped to 18c over the last few days which may mean some improvement and " The Bubble" is now on which will give plenty of good sport in the Main Bowl. Rod average for the week was a very good 3.80.

The Main Bowl is the best area for boat fishing whilst best bank areas are Chingley and the Dam Wall where the water is deeper.

Successful flies have been Buzzers, Minkies, Cormorants, Diawl Bachs and Boobies.
The Bewl heat of the Sierra Pairs Competition took place on Sunday 6 July. Winners were Rob Barden and Adrian Necci with 16 fish for 42lb 15oz including time bonus They had caught their fish by 12.20pm. Conditions were challenging but 8 x 2 man teams caught 97 trout giving an outstanding rod average of 6 fish.
Well done Rob and Adrian! 
I am pleased to hear that the bubbles have been turned on.  Let me explain.  In the deep part of the main bowl there is a pipe on the bottom of the reservoir through which compressed air can be pumped.  This is allowed to escape into the water at 3 or 4 locations where the air rapidly expands as it bubbles up.  This aerates the water to some degree but more importantly it brings cooler water to the surface together with the food which was down deep and the trout love it.  The currents on the surface are quite strong, almost like a whirlpool in reverse and it is not easy to fish, but when you get a fish on it can be very exciting as you are playing the fish and the currents.  I remember the first time I drifted across the bubbles. I was a bit concerned as to what would happen in the maelestrom of currents!  I need not have worried the boat floated over them and got pushed away.  Now I have to try and remember what techniqes I used for fishing the bubbles and try to get some photos showing the amazing currents.                                              

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