Thursday, 31 July 2014


When we get to my son's home in Redmond, WA, USA there are always plenty of projects to get on with and we don't mind that working on the principle that if you stay busy you stay young!  However, when it comes to yard work (what we in the UK call gardening) and the property is surrounded by several acres, it can be (to put it mildly) a bit of a challenge, especially as the temperature is in the eighties.  So it was a great relief when we heard that two hundred reinforcements had been sent for.  

They were very hungry goats and they cleared the land of vegetation by eating everything in sight.  We had to keep the young children on the outside of the portable electric fence so they did not become desert!  It was amazing to watch them strip brambles and even try to climb trees.  You hire the goats by the day, they arrive in a special truck complete with a goat man and a couple of goat dogs.  Watching the goats munch their way through jungle is a bit of a spectator sport, so the neighbours appear and passing cars slow down and enjoy.


Having eaten everything in sight they were quite keen to load up and head off to their next meal.  Well done goats!

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