Friday, 1 February 2013

Free Trout Fishing in UK Town Centres

Recently at a Surrey Branch meeting of the Salmon and Trout Assoc I heard a splendid chap called Theo Pike (appropriately named) give a talk entitled "Trout in Dirty Places". I was enthralled, particularly as he focused on rivers I knew in the middle of towns where I had always wondered if there were fish there.  His talk and PowerPoint presentation demonstrated how you could fish them for free and catch decent trout. Theo is the author of the following published by Merlin Unwin Books Ltd in 2012:-

The book lists 50 rivers that Theo has researched and fished with tips on access, urban fly fishing techniques and how to stay safe. It has over 200 colour photographs and lots of local knowledge. I was tempted to list the rivers covered but I don't want to go to prison for a copyright infringement! If you want ask me if your local river is included send me an e mail ( or reply to this blog.
Meanwhile Theo has got me course fishing the River Wandle at present but I cannot wait till the trout season starts.
PS The fishing might be free but you will still need an Environment Agency Fishing License!

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