Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Beginners learning to fly fish at Coltsfold Mill Fishery, Oxted, Surrey, UK

Well the weather has improved (that is it has stopped raining) and I have been able to get to the waters edge at last.  The occasion was an outing for Niel, Bryant and Malcolm, the three chaps I have been teaching to cast on grass.  Today was the big test, had they been listening, had they understood, had they remembered and if the answer to all those questions was YES, then could their brains make their muscles do the right thing!  Well the answer was both YES and NO!  Sometimes they got it right and the line went out reasonable well and sometimes the timing was wrong, too much effort was used, the wrist was broken and the result was dumping and knitting.  However, we had fun, enjoyed the venue and three large rainbow trout were caught.
The venue was Coltsfold Mill, near Oxted, Surrey, UK, a well managed trout fishery.  The bailiffs Neil and Paul were most friendly and helpful. 
The pictures can speak for themselves.
 Mill lake
 Niel with the biggest fish
 Malcolm with one of his two
 Bryant fishing the lower cascade
 Neil the helpful Fishery Manager
The gold headed daddy longlegs (complete with rubber legs) that proved very effective.

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