Friday, 10 May 2013

BEWL WATER FISHERY WEEKLY REPORT week ending: 9th May 2013

Riding the waves at Bewl and picking up fish high in the water. Eye protection off so you can see it is really me!
I didn't make it down to Bewl myself this week (I was on the chalk streams see earlier post), but I plan to go in the next few days, so in case you are planning that too here is the latest from Janet in the Fishing Lodge:-
"Bright, sunny weather and changes in the wind direction over the Bank Holiday weekend made the fishing harder for a day or two. The fish are moving up and down the water levels with the changing conditions. They are also starting to move away from the banks, therefore more are being caught in open water. Most anglers are using intermediate lines with various teams of flies. This week's rod average was a respectable 3.92. Best areas for boat fishing are still Rosemary Lane, Hook Straight and Chingley. Bank fishing has been best at Rosemary Lane, Ferry Point and Canoe Club Corner.
Successful flies haven't changed much either - Damsels, Cormorants, Buzzers, Cat's Whiskers, Blobs.
Any method anglers have caught mainly on small spinners.
The Anglian Water-Airflo Southern Heat took place at Bewl on Saturday 4th May. 42 anglers caught 210 trout giving a very good rod average of 5. Winners were the Soldier Palmers with 48 fish weighing 125lb 9.5oz, inc. time bonus.
Breakfast is now served everyday from 7.30 am in The Waterside Restaurant in the visitor centre.
Water Temperature is 11.7degC and water level 99%."
Final tip from me:  At Bewl right in the middle of the reservoir there is a floating weather station that produces data that the weathermen (and ladies) interprete to predict the future weather.  Anyone can access these predictions by going to:- and selecting Bewl Valley Sailing Club.  There you can get predicted wind speed and direction, gust speeds, temperatures, precipitation etc.  You can also look at a web cam.  I have always found the predictions pretty accurate and very helpful.
Here's wishing you "tight lines".

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