Friday, 24 May 2013


Thanks to Janet Benny in the Fishing Lodge for this:-
Mixed fortunes this week with very clear water, changing wind directions and a fall in temperature. Although some anglers have found the fishing difficult, others have reported having plenty of good sport and catching up to 20 trout. The fish have moved slightly away from the margins, but the still cool water temperature has led them to stay in the shallower areas rather than in the deep water and trout are generally within the top 3 feet of the water.
Stocking resumed after a break for the Spring International with 1600 superb Bulldog rainbows of 2lbs plus and 437 home-reared 2 to 4lbs Bewl brownies, all stocked on Tuesday.
Best areas at the moment, for bank and boat, are on Bewl's North Shore. Canoe club corner, the shore in front of the playground, Bramble Point and further down Hook Straight have all produced fish. Successful flies have been Blobs, Boobies, Diawl Bach, Cormorant and Buzzers while Any Method angling has favoured spinners. Water temperature is 11degC and water level is 98.5%.
Bewl hosted the IFFA Spring Home International Match on Friday 17th May. Scotland were the winners with a total bag weight of 127lb 14oz. Rod average for the event topped 2.8 and full results can be seen on the Bewl website at
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