Monday, 22 April 2013

BEWL WATER FISHERY WEEKLY REPORT week ending: 18th April 13

The wind has changed from the East to the South West and we have at last had some spring weather making conditions for fishing a lot more pleasant. This week's rod average is an outstanding 6.15. Anglers fishing from both boat and bank have reported catching up to 25 fish. Most anglers have been catching at about 6-7 feet below the surface. Rosemary Lane, the front of the playground and Seven Pound Creek are still the best bank fishing areas. Ferry Point has also picked up.  Boat anglers have also found plenty of good sport in these areas and at the top of Hook Straight .
Successful flies have been Cormorants, Cat's Whiskers, Buzzers, Black Tadpoles , Green Damsels, Vivas and Montanas. Any method anglers have caught well from boats on small spinners and shallow plugs.
The Southern Region National Qualifier Competition took place at Bewl on Sunday April 14th. 19 anglers caught 146 fish giving a rod average of 7.68. All but one entrant caught 8 fish and many had finished fishing by 1pm. Winner was John Pearne with 8 trout weighing 18lb 4oz plus time bonus.

Water temperature is 6 degC. Water level 99.5% and water clarity good.

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