Wednesday, 20 August 2014

Activities to keep your morale up!

Well I am still in trouble with my back, but you have to keep mobile so I am trying to do things to keep active and keep morale up without making matters worse.  Last Friday we took three of the grandchildren to Marymoor Park.  Harrison rode his bike and they all played on the model train.  We nearly had a disaster as six year old Rose whilst running had her trousers fall down causing her to go sprawling right in front of Harrison who was speeding along on his bike.  Harrison rode right over her and I braced myself preparing to phone 911!  To everyone's surprise Rose got up, didn't cry and had only sustained a very small graze!  Phew!
Rose (6) and Harrison (8)

On Saturday morning Rosalind and I spent a couple of very pleasant hours downtown Redmond (note the American expression, I am trying to cater for my big US following) at the art festival, talking to some of the exhibitors.  We were very impressed by their talents and it was a well organised event.  If I had shed loads of money I would like to fill my home with beautiful art (mounted on ropes so you could pull it up to the ceiling when the grandchildren descend! In the afternoon we braved the traffic and drove into Seattle.  Finding a parking space was a challenge and we ended up in the multi-story car park at the back of Pike Place market.  Then we strolled down to Dock 50 (a very practical name in terms of finding it but not very imaginative or romantic. I am used to names like "St Katherine's Dock" or "Canary Wharf").  Here we boarded a Water Taxi and for two dollars each we were ferried across to West Seattle, noting the seals sleeping on the large buoys moored in the bay.
The whole purpose of the trip was to get some inspiring photos of Seattle from the sea. You can judge for yourself as to whether we succeeded!

To stop me feeling sorry for myself I have to keep busy, so I constructed a simple ski boot rack.  My son Dan liked it and has mentioned a "ski rack"!  Bless him!

Sunday morning saw us in church, the talks were excellent.  Let me explain that in our church with a lay ministry (that means unpaid ministers) members of the congregation get assigned (normally with several weeks notice) to speak (it's not compulsory) usually on an assigned topic.  This means that you get  to hear a wide variety of well prepared inspiring presentations.  Then we break for Sunday School classes. The standard of teaching and the contributions from class members are outstanding and I learn a lot.

Monday morning saw me back at the chiropractic clinic as I am still getting a lot of pain.  Dr Weir warned me against bending and twisting at the same time but told me to stay active and do plenty of walking.  I took his advice and later that afternoon Shayne, a good friend, drove me to the north fork of the Snoqualmie and I got good exercise walking to the river and wading its banks.  Needless to say I had a rod in my hand.  Shayne out-fished me but I had a couple of nice rainbows on the dry.  As we walked back to the car we had a real treat, a close encounter with a herd of elk!!

I slept better that night but my body was sending me messages in the morning, 

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