Saturday, 9 August 2014

Challenges on the fly fishing front

We all get challenges, usually when we least expect them.  Well I got mine!  Being tall (6' 5")over the years I have been susceptible to lower back pains so I have been in the habit of doing a regime of simple back exercises every other day to ward off any problems. Since being on holiday here I haven't stuck to that as I figured all the yard work, sawing and axing etc. would keep me in good trim.  Well I was wrong! Everything was fine till I changed from using the family's Toyota Sienna to my son's Ford Focus when I drove the 20 miles to the Avid Angler Fly Shop. When I got there I noticed my back was a bit painful, but I didn't change the seat settings as I didn't want to mess it up for my son.  The next morning around 6 am I drove the same car to Sultan to meet up with Lonnie to fish the Sky and I stumbled out of the car with a painful back.  It improved as we got in the water and started fishing. Everything improves when you start fishing.  Anyway to cut a long story short since getting back from that trip I have been in a lot of pain and sometimes have found it really hard to get up from the horizontal.  I have tried to keep moving and have been taking Ibuprofen  to reduce the pain, but it has resulted in me cancelling two fishing trips one with Ryan fishing the Salt and another with Mark fishing Rattlesnake from my float tube.   I am desperately trying to get better so I have tried to keep active, being careful not to stress my back.  Well so much for the sob story.  Meanwhile I have managed to fit two new LCD lights in the garage, jet wash a large patio (it was either jet wash it or grow potatoes in the moss) and have a water color painting session with a 4 year old and a 6 year old!  I even helped a family friend with his heat pump installation for an hour or so.  My efforts have been completely eclipsed by my wife Rosalind who hasn't stopped working: what with clearing brambles; cooking; vacuuming; cleaning all the windows and fly screens; emptying a large refrigerator and washing all the shelves; washing floors etc. I don't know where she gets her energy from! And then there is dealing with a parrot who is addicted to Kellogg's Crunchy Nut!
Highlight of the day was having "Facetime" with my daughter Naomi and her family.
As soon as I get back on the water I hope to post some fishy news.

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