Thursday, 14 August 2014

Fly Fisherman in Big Trouble, Gets Rescued!

I really was in trouble, no I hadn't fallen in the Snoqualmie and was about to go over the 270 foot high falls, I was in agony because my back had given out on me.  Even simple moves like getting out of bed and walking resulted in painful spasms.  I had tried hot and cold showers and dosing myself with Ibuprofen to no affect and when I laid on my back I could not get up.  I was daft enough to put up with this for a week hoping to cure myself.  Then I called the travel insurance company (Saga) and they said it was an emergency so I could seek medical advice.  I wish I had called them a week ago!

My son Dan (who is 6' 10") recommended his chiropractic to me and I got an appointment for early the next morning with Dr Michael Weir.  His charming receptionist talked me through the paperwork whilst Dr Weir read up on the history I provided.  Then he interviewed me and I answered lots of questions, stressing that I needed help right now.  He was brilliant and did a full assessment of me using all sorts of techniques.  Now I haven't been to a chiro' in decades and things have obviously moved on.  I  will list some of the procedures just in case it helps anyone decide to seek help themselves. 

He weighed me on two scales, one foot on each to see how I distributed my weight.  Then he photographed me standing from the front and the side using an iPad with an ap that put the vertical in so I could see how I leaned.  He took two X-rays of my back and we looked at them together, with him explaining what was shown.  My back was warmed up with heat pads and then with me leaning forward on a couch he used a device to gently vibrate each of my vertebra.  The instrumentation told him how much freedom of movement each joint had.  When he found a tight joint he could increase the vibration force and rate to loosen it up.  Then we moved to a couch with me horizontal, face down, and Dr Weir gave me a jolt treatment that hurt me a bit.  That pain was nothing compared to what I had been feeling.

Already I was starting to feel more mobile, but a bit tired and delicate.  He then gave me instruction on what I had to do for the next 24 hours involving ice packs and Ibuprofen.  He told me to sleep on my side with a pillow between my legs!  The net result is that I am already feeling a big improvement and at my second session today we both noticed a significant change.
I can come off the ice now and start to do my usual back exercises supplemented by some new ones Dr Weir has given me.
Dr Michael Weir
Regular readers of my blog will note that I don't advertise anything but when I come across excellence I feel duty bound to mention it.  So thank you Dr Michael Weir for your expertise at in Bellevue, WA, USA  (If your in agony like I was you might want the phone number 425 635 0495).


  1. rachel jacobson (kevins mom :-)5 September 2014 at 09:48

    So glad to read you found wonderful help and you could enjoy the rest of your trip!

    1. Nice to hear from you Rachel, we look forward to seeing you when we come out in 2015. Kind regards Alan