Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Today, fly fishing success on the Sky thanks to my friends

Lonnie and I met up at 06:30 at the "Park and Ride at Sultan, I parked and having loaded my kit into his Explorer, we rode (and chatted as it was over a year since the last time we fished together). Lonnie explained that the water level in the south fork was higher than the north fork as the south picked up more snow melt, so that was where we were heading.

As we drove through Gold Bar etc, he explained that some of his favourite fishing holes where you had to cross the rail road tracks were out as the railway police were fining people who cross the tracks 80 dollars!  He said folk were not happy about that.

Having reached our favourite spot well up the valley, and kitted ourselves out with waders etc we headed for our favourite stretch.  Lonnie decided to fish sub surface with nymphs. I tied on the large dry that Ben in the Avid Angler Fly Shop had recommended.  We were to fish downstream along a seam of deepish water close to the opposite bank.  Lonnie remembering that he normally out fishes me, and being the gent that he is, let me lead the way. It took me a couple of casts to get distance and drift right, the fly being very visible, when BANG!  The water exploded and I had a good fish hooked up.  Lonnie gave a cheer and I focused on getting the fish under control in the strong current, and into the net (without falling over)!  The thought running through my mind was "this is what it is all about, this is worth all the travelling, all the waiting in line at immigration and customs, to have the privilege of being here in this majestically beautiful place and hooking a energetic bar of silver".  Given the excitement I could not remember where my camera was so having shown Lonnie I released the fish into the current. OK so it was only a rainbow of at around 12 inches or so but it was a perfect specimen.  Two casts later and the fly was pulled under but not held.  I stripped the line in so I could dry the fly. As I lifted the leader right in front of me a trout hit the fly and I realised it was the same one that had pulled it under.  It had followed the fly and had another go, a more successful go from my point of view as it connected.  I worked my way down the beat catching several more smallish fish.  Then I put a long line out and as it was about to drag I walked down stream a couple of paces and my foot caught on a stone so I glanced down into the crystal clear water.  Just as I took my eye off the fly there was a large splash as a big fish hit it, instinctively i lifted the rod and the fish broke free taking the fly with it.  Lonnie who had been watching the whole episode thought it was quite amusing.

Having fished that beat out we tried a few other places and Lonnie caught on the nymph and I blanked.  Then with the sun getting warmer and a strong up steam breeze we decided to head for home to do some chores.
I can claim to have out fished Lonnie this time, but only because he let me fish ahead of him and Ben put me onto a deadly fly (large, black foam, black legs and a shinny purple body, with a white parachute top making it easy to see).  Here it is. I am not sure what it is called!

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