Tuesday, 5 August 2014

Things are hotting up on the fishing front

Temperature wise things are already scorching here, however there is still snow melting on the mountains so there is water in the rivers and fish as well. I caught some parr this morning and a large white fish just 20 minutes from the house on the Snoqualmie. I was practising for tomorrow when Lonnie and I are on the Sky.  I want to be able to hold my own so I popped over to Lake Forrest Park to see my old pal Ryan Smith owner of the Avid Angler Fly Shop.

Ben recommended some large dries so I am hoping to out fish Lonnie (for the first time).

It was great to see Ryan again although he was more handsome when clean shaven and I remember Britta's advice when I first met her about eight years ago that on large lakes the browns tend to occupy the margins and the bows the open water!

Later in the week I am going to fish the salt (Puget Sound) with Ryan so I am really looking forward to hooking up with some sea run cuts and maybe a salmon.

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