Sunday, 7 July 2013

British Couple celebrate Fourth of July with their American Cousins

It is always nice to be invited to a party and if you are in the States and it is the 4th July you know it will be a good one. Our hosts were Bob and Patty (seen here with my wife Rosalind) I wont mention their last name because you never know who is reading this! (56 countries viewing).

 Bob and Patty spent 2 years in the UK as missionaries for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and I had the pleasure of meeting them then.
 Bob and Patty live on Lake Sammamish (not actually on it, but next to it)!  The little man in black is my grandson Harrison.

 When you live "on" the lake you have to own a boat, otherwise there is no point in being there.
 The house and their own little beach as seen from their personal boat jetty.

 The little lady in the red swimsuit is my granddaughter Erin enjoying the lake.

 There were about 80 people there all enjoying the wonderful food and weather. 
The boat dock as seen from the garden whilst we were waiting for dark and the fireworks.  The children enjoyed jumping off the roof of the boat dock into the lake whilst the ladies enjoyed talking to me about British TV programmes. 

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