Sunday, 14 July 2013

Making Friends with the successful Steelhead Fishers of Washington State, USA

Since my first outing to the Reiter Road fishery on the Skykomish I have been lured back by the memory of the large steelheads I saw caught.  This time I went with a pal from church called Jason, he is recovering from leukemia and a bone marrow transplant so he was glad to get out fishing.  Now let me make it clear from the start that neither of us landed a steelhead but we did see them caught and we did learn how to do it.  What really impressed me was:-
  1. All the guys there were very friendly and helpful.
  2. Although they fish around 12 yards apart, and cast upstream and drift downstream in front of each other it is not so-called "combat fishing" but more synchronized casting! If there is an occasional hook up of two lines both parties apologize and the nearest sorts it out. 
  3. When someone got a fish on frequently a helpful fisher would produce a large landing net and help secure the fish from amongst the myriad of boulders in the river.
  4. I got some good advice.
  5. I saw some big fish caught.
 The river just down-stream of the hatchery
 Rory, a guide on his day off with a beaut of a fish caught downstream in the fast water.
 I didn't have the right kind of float but Rory kindly gave me the right kind of weighted lure made by himself.
My pal Jason before he fell in, something that is easily done!
 A bunch of really friendly guys who chatted to me and shared advice and tips.
 Dan who had just landed that fish a few yards from me.
 Dan's float rig with pencil weight underneath and a bead to protect the knot on the swivel.
 A slightly out-of-focus view of Dan's very effective lure.

One skillful fisher!

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