Monday, 1 July 2013


Well there are probably a lot more than just five but after being here for over three weeks these are the ideas I am currently enjoying.
Number 1
Turning right on red at a junction with stop lights, having come to rest and made sure the coast is clear!  I would point out that it would actually be turning LEFT in the UK, if you turned right on red in the UK you really would be in trouble.
 This kind of trouble!
Number 2
Paint cans in the US are a lot easier to open and reseal than those in the UK because they are fitted with a resilient seal around the opening.  I know, I have opened and closed a lot of tins of paint on this trip.  I am a paint can opening expert!
Number 3
I have previously sung the praises of my son Dan's cordless electric strimmer but now I am going to sing the praises of his new cordless electric nail gun!  By the time I have fitted the 100 feet of coving (crown molding) and the 100 feet of skirting I will be an expert nail gunner!  Nail guns at dawn!
Number 4
Currently there are eight of us here in the house, four children and four meant-to-be adults!  The temperature is extremely warm, the radio says the hottest June day ever in Seattle, so we are drinking lots of drinks.  This means we could go through lots of drinking glasses, but we don't!  No, we don't all share!!  Holly, my daughter in law, has written each of our names on a wooden clothes peg and we clip the peg to our glass so we know who it belongs to.  I think she learnt the technique at Vet school!  At first I found this quite painful for my left eye till Holly advised that I remove the peg before drinking!
Number 5
On Public Radio I really enjoy "Car Talk" where people phone in with car problems and these two brothers give them some hilarious advice.  It's a kind of "Top Gear" for the common man and lots of ladies and a very good idea!

 On Public Radio here they do use a lot of stuff from the BBC, so that is kind of reassuring!

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