Sunday, 16 June 2013

Many Hands Make for Lighter Work!

One of the interesting things about staying here in Redmond, WA, USA is that there is a very strong “help your neighbor” ethos among members of my church, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints.  At church last Sunday an announcement was made saying that a family had to move home fairly quickly and could male members help out on the following Tuesday evening to work on tidying their front garden (Americans call it a front yard).  As you will see from the pictures it certainly wasn’t a “yard”!  Anyway I decided to go along to help out and see what level of support they could muster.

Firstly, the house was splendid and large, as was the front “yard”.
Secondly, the support was tremendous with males of all ages represented. The road outside looked like a parking lot for pickups.
Thirdly, everyone seemed to arrive with the right equipment and worked hard with friendly banter and just a nice atmosphere.  I was interested to see American weeding techniques, which involved getting everything out and leaving a fine powdered soil.  My own techniques are less subtle.  I think we worked from 6pm till 8.30pm and there were more than 20 people involved so that was a significant number of hours.  I also saw a dandelion root extractor in use and I am going to get one when I get back to my modest garden in the UK.
The end product!
I trust that the efforts of the church members in improving the “kerb-side appeal” of the home for sale will accelerate the selling process, it certainly demonstrated to me that “many hands make light work”!

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