Wednesday, 5 June 2013

Fishing Holiday (Vacation) Helpful Packing List

Tomorrow I am off on a 6 week fishing trip to Washington State, USA, well that's the dream! The reality is that it will also involve babysitting 4 grandchildren and doing projects around my son Daniel and daughter-in-law's home and their land.
 Lonnie one of my fishing pals on the Sky is getting ready to show me the hot spots!
The Tolt River is only a few miles from my son's home.

I am pretty tired packing and sorting out documents etc. but it occurred to me that lots of you will be going on holiday (vacation) soon and so my packing list might be helpful.  In the second column I don't just put a tick sometimes I put a code.  For example HB = hand baggage, W = wear etc.  Sometimes I put the number of items as in 2 tee shirts.  If I don't think I need something I put a X in the box. I use the third column when I am packing to come back, then if I put a X in the box it means I didn't need the item.

eTicket and brding card
Cash $
Cash £
Token to access Bank acct
Itinerary & contact details
Maps and guides
Driving licence
Travel Insurance docs
Car hire docs
Little blue note book!
Trousers smart
Trousers fishing
Shoes smart
Casual shoes/trainers
Socks, thick & thin
Long sleeve shirts
Tee shirts
White shirt
Water proof jacket
Swimming trunks
Shaving kit, shampoo etc
Tooth brush
Plastic bags
Sun glasses
Spare glasses
Digital Camera
Sun protection
Magnifying glass
I phone
I phone charger
Fishing Log
Family photos
Blog book

Well you might think that is it, but naturally I had to take some tackle with me!  Fortunately my wife travels light so a lot of it ends up in her case. All the rods taken are travelling rods so they fit diagonally across a suitcase. I can also get 2 of my rods in the one rod tube with a little care.  Here is the list:-

Fishing Tackle

Steelhead line on reel
Steelhead sink tips
Steelhead leader spools
Steelhead flies
Vosseler Reel with sink tip line
Landing net (for trout)
Salt water fishing
8 weight Fulling Mill rod
Orvis reel with salt line
Salt Leader spools
Salt water flies
Salt water poppers
Trout Fishing
4 piece Loomis 6wt rod
Orvis spool 7 wt floating
3 piece Airflo 4wt rod
4 wt reels and lines
Compo reel + spools
Leader Material
American flies
British dries flies
British lures
General Items
Tool necklace
Stripping basket
Sinkant and floatant
Orvis chest waders
Felt wading boots
Fingerless mitts
Tackle bag
Wading jacket
Landing net
Wader repair kit
Electrical tape
Plastic bags
Water bottle
Orvis rucksac
Head torch
Fishing Log
First aid kit
Filleting Glove